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made from coffee grounds and ebonised oak, the unique cracks in the biocomposite make each piece a one of kind object.

the object found its inspiration in the meaning of coffee, where we use the hot beverage as a connection between people. 
we use coffee to share stories and as a ritual to provide comfort. 
the b°02 urn is a direct translation of the ritual of comfort where the object is a comforting collection of memories shared over a lost one. 

made from 600 cups of coffee
biodegradable object
2,25 kg CO2 saved
dimensions: h 17 cm d 14 cm l 24 cm

b°02 urn, biodegradable urn made from spent coffee grounds
biodegradable urn, made from spent coffee grounds, biomaterial
objects made from spent coffee grounds, urn and vessel, biodesign objects
vessel and urn from spent coffee grounds, biodesign
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