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nabad - a space for grief and contemplation.

Nabad is an inclusive space for grief and  contemplation with natural and biobased interiors that inspires connection with nature and each other. 

Inspired by Stonehenge, Nabad is a carefully considered interaction between biobased furniture and natural materials like textiles, plants, grass and earth that inspires serenity and beauty. The space leads visitors via a path into the middle of the room where biobased benches have a circular set up that stimulates connection and refers to unity and the endless circle of life.
By bringing nature inside, Nabad provides an solution to weather conditions that prevents one from contemplation outdoors.

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Nabad is designed to fulfill the needs of an ever changing inclusive society, where moments of silence and contemplation are essential for promoting harmony and a compassionate society.

Multicultural societies and ongoing secularization ask for a new view on space for grief. Spaces that allow people in busy cities, where silence and nature is scarce, to connect with each other and nature.

All materials are detachable and suited for reuse in other spaces or cities, even as a pop-up variant where spaces that are currently not used can fulfill a temporary space of silence.

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